We are happy to introduce our new and improved support ticket system for requesting work.

You do not need to create a login to generate a work request. However, we recommend for you to create a login so you can track the progress of the ticket online. Please click the link to open a support ticket. Then either click open ticket or sign in to create the ticket. If this is your first time to sign in click register to create a new account (we suggest for you to use your email for the user name). Once the ticket is opened you will be able to track and interact with the technician as progress is made on your ticket. You may also send us an email at HelpMe@DataMagicInc.com to submit a ticket.

Please feel free to call the office at 469-635-5500 if you have any problems creating the support ticket or logging into the portal. Thank you and we appreciate any feedback you have on the new support ticket program.

Customer Log-In